About Us

Late nights at pubs and clubs when we travel could be a thing of the past and will be replaced by early morning runs and spa Yoga Session

At Fitness and Tourism your holiday starts the moment you get in touch and we are confident on delivering our promise — of an incredible wellness holiday. It’s not just our comprehensive knowledge and service that guarantees you a holiday to remember, but our attention to the small important details that make the difference in selecting the right personalised holiday to ensure you return feeling happier and being healthier.

Our tours involve active rest. This does not mean that you will sweat until exhaustion in the gym and eat only vegetables. Everything is much nicer.  You still observe and enjoy the sights, the sea and sun – as well as breathe in the clean mountain air. At the same time, you play sports and eat proper food.

Our team will  build your itinerary around your personal goals; whether to get fit, lose weight, detox, learn something new, improve a skill or simply relax. Our wellness travel specialists take pride in designing exclusive and personalised experiences and our healthy holidays are tailored for each individual.